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Auditing a Class at The Haas School of Business

MBA Course Auditing Policy

To provide alumni with post-graduate opportunities to reconnect with the Haas School and enhance their education through post-graduate learning, the Haas School offers alumni the opportunity to audit (for the nominal cost of course materials) elective courses within the Haas School's portfolio of MBA programs. This is a free benefit; you are responsible only for the cost of course materials (textbooks, readers, handouts).

On average, MBA electives operate at 80% capacity. However, some electives operate year after year at 100% capacity, and, therefore, have no space for auditors. Such electives have been excluded from the list of courses that may be available to auditors next semester. Some electives are cross-listed between the Full-time and Evening & Weekend MBA Programs. These appear only once, under the Evening & Weekend number, on the list of courses that may be available to auditors next semester. The following are the policies of this auditing opportunity.

  1. The opportunity is extended only to alumni of Berkeley's Full-time, Evening & Weekend, and Executive MBA programs.

  2. An alumnus may submit only one audit request per semester and may audit no more than one course per academic year. Auditing classes is available for Fall and Spring semesters only.

  3. Only courses in the Full-time or Evening & Weekend MBA Program are available, and only a limited number of those courses will be available each semester.

  4. Alumni will only be able to audit courses that have space available after current students have enrolled. If there are more alumni requests than spaces available in a class, the choice will be made by lottery after application of administrative policies.

  5. The course instructor must grant permission for the audit and may set both lower and upper limits on the auditor's participation, including but not limited to in-class discussions, team projects, and exams. Once accepted into a course, an auditor will hear directly from the instructor what these limits are. In the unlikely event that a dispute arises between an instructor and an auditor, the instructor has complete authority for resolution of the dispute. Alumni are discouraged from contacting instructors regarding their potential audit and may not audit a course without alumni office approval, even if they have attempted to make separate arrangements with an instructor.

  6. There is no cost to audit a class. However, an auditor must pay for the full cost of course materials, including but not limited to textbook, reader, and handouts.

  7. Once approved for an audit, alumni must attend the first meeting of the course, identify themselves to the instructor as a possible auditor and give up their seat, if necessary, to a currently enrolled student.

  8. Alumni auditors will be given access to bSpace and Study.Net, the two systems used by faculty to distribute proprietary online materials. Access to bSpace, which functions as the course web site in most instances, is free of charge. However alumni auditors will have to pay for access to course readers via Study.Net, pursuant to item # 6, above. Note, additionally, UC Berkeley does not offer ongoing wireless access to alumni after graduation.

  9. Alumni auditors will not receive access to videotapes of lectures.

  10. The auditor will not receive a final grade, and the audited elective will not appear on the auditor's transcript.

Because this opportunity is limited and you are not guaranteed a space in any class, you might consider the alternate option of enrolling (for a fee) in the wide variety of programs offered by the Haas Center for Executive Development.

If you have any questions or concerns about the auditing opportunity, please contact the Alumni Office at or 1-510-642-7790.

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