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Saturday, April 24

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9:00 a.m. Welcome and School Update
Ann E. Harrison, Dean, Haas School of Business
9:30 a.m. Keynote Session: Fireside Chat with serial entrepreneur Kevin Chou and Finance Faculty Member Stephen Etter
Kevin Chou, BS 02, Founder, Rally and Chairman Gen.G Esports, and Stephen Etter, BS 83, MBA 89, Finance Faculty Member

Cryptocurrency and Gaming, how do they overlap and intersect? Kevin is focused on these difficult questions given his current entrepreneurial endeavors. Discover how Kevin spends his time and where he sees these two industries going in the near future. Should be an entertaining hour as Kevin is known for his candid remarks and Finance Faculty Member Etter is known for his direct and colorful questions. A fun, exciting, and honest conversation is promised.

📹 This session will be recorded.

10:30 a.m. Break
10:45 a.m. Concurrent Sessions

Making Sense of Covid: How Business Education Skills Can Help You See Through The Confusion
Gregory La Blanc, Lecturer & Distinguished Teaching Fellow

For the last year, everyone has been bombarded with information, analysis, and opinion about the Covid pandemic and the end result has often been confusion and conflicting perspectives. In this session, we review how data analysis, microeconomics, finance, operations, leading people and strategy can provide frameworks that allow business graduates to make sense of the data and sort through the chaos.

📹 This session will be recorded.

Riots, Killings, Pandemic: What Kind of Business Leadership Do These Times Demand?
Maura O'Neill, Distinguished Teaching Fellow

Over our 200+ year history, America has been a work in progress in forming a more perfect union and creating prosperity for all its people. Business is more than ever before being asked to not remain silent. Eighty-six percent (86%) of employees are now expecting their CEOs to publicly speak out about societal issues. Come join us for lively and interactive talk and conversation about what does this all mean and how we show up authentically as business leaders?

📹 This session will be recorded.

Simple Economics of Testing to Re-open Schools and the Economy
Jonathan Kolstad, Associate Professor | Egon & Joan Von Kaschnitz Distinguished Professorship Economic Analysis and Policy | Graduate Program in Health Management and Ned Augenblick, Associate Professor, Economic Analysis and Policy

An essential aspect of re-opening schools and the economy is the ability to effectively test whole populations for COVID. Despite the seemingly large gains, relatively few comprehensive testing programs have been developed. We demonstrate a new approach to screening that dramatically lowers the cost, allows widespread testing and is being used to re-open schools and businesses. Pooled testing increases efficiency by pooling individual samples and testing the combined sample, such that many individuals can be cleared with one negative test. We show that repeated testing - as is needed in a pandemic - makes pooled testing particularly advantageous. This innovation is central to the re-opening of public schools in Massachusetts and could be a roadmap for California and other states in opening and keeping schools open, even as vaccines roll out. We also explore the challenges and missed opportunities to develop solutions using testing to efficiently open safely and discuss lessons for future pandemics and other disasters where innovation is needed quickly.

📹 This session will be recorded.

Diversity! (Diversity Factorial)
Hector Javier Preciado, EWMBA 2011, Chief Growth Officer, Alluma | Introduced by Élida Bautista, PhD, Interim Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office

Diversity training has existed for over 50 years now, yet most companies are still struggling to recruit & retain top diverse talent and failing at creating inclusive work environments. Traditional approaches to Diversity are not working well enough to keep up with the changing world. As our society becomes more diverse, so should our workplaces, thereby increasing the need to accelerate Diversity work and make it more impactful. We need disruption, innovation, and above all else, true commitment.

This session will include a panel of experts (Lesley Toche, Founder/CEO, Next Play; Patricia Patton, Ph.D., Human Capital Strategist and Executive Coach, The People Side of Leadership (PSL) Group; Dr. Maria Hernandez, President & COO of Impact4Health) who will explore 3 pillars for creating inclusive work environments: Recruiting, Culture, and Career Development. We’ll discuss past efforts in each area, their shortcomings and imagine different more nuanced approaches to positively impact work environments and society at large.

12:00 p.m. Berkeley Haas Virtual Expo
Connect and tap into your exclusive Haas resources over lunch! Stop by our virtual info tables to learn more about alumni benefits and connect with members of our MBA Career Management Group and Berkeley Executive Education (ask about your alumni discount!).

Looking to connect with your fellow attendees? Sit down at a virtual courtyard table, and invite your classmates and friends to join.

1:00 - 2:00 p.m. HaasX
Emceed by Professor Kellie McElhaney, Founding Director, Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership | Distinguished Teaching Fellow Center for Equity, Gender and Leadership.

    The pace will be fast! The ideas will fly! Join an extraordinary group of Berkeley Haas alumni who will, in five minutes or less, share ideas that challenge our assumptions. These speakers conclude the conversation with presentations that inspire, engage, and provoke conversations that matter.

  • Jon Altschuler, FTMBA 01, Founder, Altschuler and Company
  • Vrinda Gupta, FTMBA 20, Founder & CEO of Sequin
  • Ace Patterson, FTMBA 16, Global Music Partnerships Enablement at YouTube | Hip-Hop Artist "Call Me Ace"
  • Robert Paylor, BS 20, Inspirational Speaker; Executive Director, The Big C Society
  • Lisa Rawlings, EMBA 19, President & CEO, National Urban Fellows
  • Bee Hui Yeh, BS 10, Founder, The Power of We; Advisor, Plan C Advisors

  • 📹 This session will be recorded.

2:00 - 2:30 p.m. HaasX Backstage
After the HaasX talks conclude, join our speakers "backstage" for a chance to connect further.