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8:30 am
    Registration & Continental Breakfast
O'Donnell Courtyard & Bank of America Forum
9:30 am
Welcome & Keynote Address

Ann E. Harrison, Dean, Berkeley Haas
Location: Andersen Auditorium

A preview of what's to come for the Haas School—Get to know the new dean, and hear from her on topics including what brought her back to UC Berkeley and her vision for Berkeley Haas.

This event will be recorded.

Andersen Auditorium
10:30 am
O'Donnell Courtyard & Bank of America Forum
10:45 am

    Choose from concurrent conference sessions. Session preferences will be requested during registration. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis.

    Managing Across Generations: Unleashing the Power of the Next Generation

    Holly Schroth, Senior Continuing Lecturer
    Location: N400 (Chou Hall)

    There are currently four generations represented in the workforce today. By 2020, the next generation is expected to comprise 50% of the workforce. There are significant differences in expectations, motivations, values and engagement levels between the generations. Creating an environment where all four generations can work collaboratively and effectively is essential to organizational sustainability and growth. The workshop is grounded in the latest social psychology theory/research and uses case analyses, exercises and self-assessments to improve your ability to interact effectively across all generations.

    Workshop objectives:

    • To equip you with the knowledge, tools and techniques to work successfully with people of all generations
    • Understand key similarities and differences between the generations and learn how to leverage these differences to increase mutual satisfaction and high performance
    • Recognize how to develop, motivate and retain the best talent from all generations and build a high performance culture

    Alumni Panel: Is Blockchain Technology the Innovation We've Been Waiting For?

    Moderated by Jorge Calderon, Lecturer
    Location: Wells Fargo Room

    Advocates have been predicting that Blockchain technology could be transformative for not only commerce, but also for the greater common good. A panel of alumni in this emerging space will examine current use cases and envision future possibilities for Blockchain technology to address social and environmental challenges once thought as impossible to overcome.


    • Stephen Chiu, FTMBA 03, Director, Global Treasury World Vision
    • Alex Gladstein, Chief Strategy Officer, Human Rights Foundation; Guest Lecturer, Singularity University
    • Ashley Lannquist, FTMBA 18, Project Lead for Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology, World Economic Forum
    This event will be recorded.

    Negotiation Genius: Tools and Strategies to Improve Your Negotiation Outcomes

    Juliana Schroeder, Assistant Professor
    Location: N100 (Chou Hall)

    Negotiation is the art and science of securing agreements between two or more parties who are interdependent, and who are seeking to maximize their outcomes. This session will help you to understand the behavior of individuals, groups and organizations in the context of cooperative and competitive situations. You will learn the theory and processes of negotiation so that you can negotiate successfully in a variety of settings. We will particularly focus on "integrative" negotiations: growing the bargaining pie and creating stronger relationships across the bargaining table.

    This event will be recorded.

    The Global Economy in the Era of Trump: Drift or Mastery?
    Paul Tiffany, Senior Lecturer
    Location: Andersen Auditorium

    The U.S. elections of both 2016 and 2018 have created a potentially massive shift in American policy, both domestic and global. The President has staked out positions radically different from those of the post-World War II "Washington Consensus." Will a "New World Order" of "economic nationalism" now follow? Or will Trumpism result in only a brief deviation from the liberalization of trade (and global politics) of the recent past? This session will explore the implications these upheavals hold for both U.S. firms as well as its citizens in the era of President Trump.

    This event will be recorded.

See session for specific location.
12:00 pm
Lunch & Alumni Benefits Expo

Enjoy lunch in the courtyard with fellow alumni as well as conference speakers and student participants. Over lunch, learn more about your alumni benefits by visiting any number of the information tables in the Bank of America Forum.

O'Donnell Courtyard & Bank of America Forum
1:30 pm

    Choose from concurrent conference sessions. Session preferences will be requested during registration. Seating is available on a first come, first served basis.

    Alumni Panel: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace

    Élida Bautista, Director of Inclusion & Diversity, Berkeley Haas
    Location: Wells Fargo Room

    The business case for diverse representation in the workplace has never been stronger. Companies with diverse leadership demonstrate stronger financial performance, higher levels of innovation, and greater gains in productivity. Learn strategies from a panel of alumni leaders on how to achieve a more diverse and inclusive workplace environment, including being an ally at work, mentoring and investing in developing talent among employees who are typically not represented in management, and maximizing opportunities to engage historically underrepresented groups via Employee Resource Groups (ERG) in your company.


    This event will be recorded.

    How Analytics and Workforce Science is Disrupting HR

    Gregory La Blanc, Lecturer & Distinguished Teaching Fellow
    Location: C230

    In today's businesses, your biggest investment is your workforce. Just as data science and analytics are disrupting marketing, finance, and operations, so too are they disrupting HR. As it becomes increasingly difficult to attract, retain, and grow your workforce, and as skills become increasingly perishable, companies are turning to workforce science to re-imagine all aspects of the human resource cycle. Through the application of data science and experimentation, companies are learning which policies and interventions can increase productivity, creativity, collaboration, engagement and happiness at work. This session will provide a brief overview of these trends and describe how companies like Google, Salesforce, Workday, LinkedIn, and Facebook are transforming the HR role into that of People Operations, Employee Experience, or HR Analytics.

    This event will be recorded.

    Adaptive DNA & Real-Time Leadership: How to Thrive in a Fluid World

    Homa Bahrami, Senior Lecturer
    Location: Andersen Auditorium

    Today we live in a dynamic and fluid world. Many triggering events make it necessary to exercise real-time leadership: How to anticipate, prepare for, and continuously adapt to new realities and morphing priorities. Based on the new edition of her forthcoming book Super-Flexibility for Knowledge Enterprises, co-authored with Stuart Evans of Carnegie Mellon, this session summarizes the findings of Homa's field research in Silicon Valley. It describes qualities that enable business leaders and successful entrepreneurs to thrive in a fluid world. The session will address questions such as:

    • What are the qualities that enable business leaders to succeed in a fast-changing world?
    • What are the different types of "adaptive DNA" that describe various approaches to real-time leadership?
    • How can business professionals learn from these practices and improve their capacity to thrive in a world of constant change?

    Financial Analysis—Power to the People
    Panos N. Patatoukas, Associate Professor
    Location: N100 (Chou Hall)

    This talk will explore the role of financial education in a world of rising inequality in both data access and processing power.

    This event will be recorded.
See session for specific location.
2:45 pm Break Bank of America Forum
3:15 pm
    HaasX: Ideas Worth Sharing

    Emceed by Professor Kellie McElhaney, Founding Faculty Director, Center for Equity, Gender, and Leadership

    The pace will be fast. The ideas will fly. Join an extraordinary group of Berkeley Haas alumni who will, in five minutes or less, share ideas that challenge our assumptions. These speakers conclude the day with presentations that inspire, engage, and provoke conversations that matter.

    • Frank Bunger, EWMBA 18, CEO & Founder, Orion Span, Inc.
    • Charlene Chen, FTMBA 09, Co-Founder and COO, BitPesa
    • Libby Leffler Hoaglin, BS 06, VP & Business Unit Lead, Member, SoFi
    • Tom Pryor, FTMBA 14, Group Product Manager, Khan Academy
    • Dutta Satadip, EWMBA 09, Global Head of Customer Operations, Pinterest
    • Boaz Ur, FTMBA 09, CEO & Co-founder HARBO Technologies
    • Rochelle Webb, EMBA 14, CEO, Optimist Made; Member, Pipeline Angels
    • Justin Wildhaber, BCEMBA 09, CEO, Green Freedom LLC
    • Jenny Woo, FTMBA 09, Founder & Podcaster, Mind Brain Parenting, Researcher, Working Memory & Plasticity Lab, UC Irvine

  • This event will be recorded.
Haas School of Business
5:00-6:00 pm
    Conference Reception

    Conclude your day on campus with invigorating conversation and a cold drink. Meet fellow alumni and featured speakers.

O'Donnell Courtyard