June 16, 2022

21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge

I Stand Against Racism

The Chancellor’s 21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge 

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. —Maya Angelou

Welcome to the Chancellor’s 21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge! Diversity scholar Dr.  Eddie Moore, Jr. created the 21-Day Challenge concept to promote deeper  understandings of race, power, privilege, supremacy, and oppression. Why 21 days? It  takes 21 days to create a habit and this initiative aims to support us in building “effective  social justice habits” to effect meaningful change. We appreciate Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr.  for empowering communities and sharing this initiative as an educational tool.

The goal of the 21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge is to assist each of us in furthering our  awareness, compassion, understanding, and to grow the engagement of people  towards anti-racism, towards the experience of Black Americans. This endeavor to  center the Black experience must also be mindful of the interconnections with other  forms of systemic cultural abuse, exclusion, or xenophobia. Such practice must  consider the layers of one’s privileged and marginalized identities at work, including and  not limited to: ability, age, class, culture, ethnicity, gender expression and identity,  generation, immigration background, race, sexuality, and/or spirituality. 

We acknowledge that centering our challenge on Black Americans cannot capture all of  the diverse experiences and opinions within the Black community nor for learnings at  the intersections of socialized identities and environment. This evolving curriculum is a  start to what we hope is an inspiring, insightful pathway of ongoing conversations that  address the constructions of “race” and racialized others, supremacy mindsets, and  accompanying identities.

The Challenge invites participants to complete a curriculum of 21 short assignments,  including readings, videos, and podcasts, grounded in a social justice framework that  situates structures of power, position, privilege, perception, and process. 

Completing the Chancellor’s 21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge: 

  • Review all materials from beginning to end
  • Journal thoughts and observations; notice learning edges and points of discomfort; think about what the content is bringing up for you, your background, and your understanding
  • Use breaks for rest and reflection

The 21-Day Anti-Racism Challenge grounds us individually and collectively to  differing modes of learning; individual, collective, and structural change only  happen by using this knowledge for positive change

NOTE: The original format of this challenge began on a Friday (Day 1)  and ran consecutively through the following 4 weeks ending on a Friday (Day 21).

Course content

25 Lessons

Section 1: How We Got Here?

Includes: Section 1 - Introduction and Days 1 - 5

Section 2: Intersections of Power, Language, and Visibility?

Includes: Introduction to Section 2 and Days 6 - 10

Section 3: Black Joy as a Form of Resistance?

Includes: Introduction to Section 3 and Days 11 - 15

Section 4: Allying, Action, and Accountability?

Includes: Introduction to Section 4 and Days 16 - 21

Bonus Section: Anti-Racism Resorce List

Modules: 25
Alumni: Open to all alumni
Free: Powered by the Haas Fund